Welcome to A Day in the Country.

Our farm, located in the township of Brock is one hour from downtown Toronto and yet feels worlds away.

Our 1873 Victorian brick house was built by a gentlemen farmer and his wife. They settled into retirement on this 6 acre property with 1 cow, 1 horse and a handful of chickens. The large barn housing this menagerie has been in farm operation for more than 120 years. Like so many barns, when it was no longer needed for the day to day running of the farm it was just left to the elements. We have tried to bring it back to a bit of it's original glory. 

Although it is no longer a resting place for cows or horses we hope that it can continue to add to the history of this property, adding our names to the long list of settlers that have come before us. We've had a wonderful time working to bring this place back to a thing of beauty and we would now like to open our doors and share it with others.

We would love for you to spend a day with us.

 Enjoy taking a class in drawing, yoga, gardening or maybe something in the culinary arts.



Theresa Sternberg, Founder

Tamara Stephenson, Coordinator 

Adelaide Sternberg, Communications Manager

Hatha Yoga Instructor, Glory Last